Office 2007 Interface

The new menu on Microsoft’s ‘Office 2007’ is really annoying as I cannot find those functions which were readily available on my ‘Office 2003’. They really should provide ‘Classic Menu’ as a option as I cannot get rid of my old habits of looking up the ‘wrong’ menu on the new version of Office. Anyone out there in the same opinion as mine?


‘Emotional Connection’

The other day when I was watching BBC World News, this phrase came up and remained in my mind. I do not know why the phrase in question caught my attention, but things of this kind sometimes happen to me when listening to English news.

As far as I remember, the newsreader on the programme was talking something about the inauguration of Obama, and the reader went on to say that one of the reasons why President Obama  has been successful in building up the supports from the voters  in America is that his extensive use of the Internet for his presidential campaign. Through his extensive use of the Internet, Mr Obama quickly and effectively bulit up ‘emotional connection‘ with the ordinary American people, especially with younger generations.

According to Kelly Morris, ‘emotional connection‘ is explained in the following manner:

‘It’s being able to relate to a person on an emotional level- being able to share your feelings with them, being open and vulnerable, and trusting that person not to hurt you emotionally. The connection has to work both ways. It’s not a true connection if you share your feelings but the other person holds everything back.’


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Obama’s Inauguration (BBC)

Mr Obama’s inauguration was broadcast live on TV very early in the morning in Japan. I should imagine that the live programme was too early in the morning to be viewed by most of the Japanese people who have to go to work early in the morning. Well, if you have missed the live broadcast, then please visit BBC’s site for various edited video clips of the inauguration as well as of Obama’s first speech as the 44th president of the U.S.A.

Make-up Lecture on 23 January

Please note the following about the extra lecture held on 23 January 2009:

Time: 9:00-10:30 (First Year), 10:40-12:10 (Second Year)

Place: Room 601 (Our usual room on Fridays)

Homework: Bring your draft(下書き) of the essay ‘Pros and Cons of a mobile phone’ to the class!

Ideally, the draft should be in English, but the Japanese version would do to start with.

霜の降りた朝は、’Frosty morning’

英語の特徴ある語形成の1つに、「名詞または動詞」+「-y」=形容詞 というパターンがあります。


push + -y = pushy

nose + -y = nosy

cheek + -y = cheeky

risk + -y = risky

choose + -y = choosy

gimmick + -y = gimmicky

smoke + -y = smoky

snow + -y = snowy

room + -y =roomy

さて、今日の朝は、全国各地で最低気温がかなり低くなっています。私の家の窓からも、霜が降りて白くなった芝生が見えています。こんな朝は、’frosty morning’ と表現できます。

または、’It was so cold and very frosty this morning.’ と表現しても良いでしょう。

‘Huroshiki’ or 風呂敷 being an ecological wrapper!

The following quotation is from an article on Daily Telegraph (online version) dated 22 December 2008, reminding the people in the UK to be ecological by not using too much wrapping paper or foil for their Christmas presents.

‘And so the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) is advising people to take on a Japanese tradition by using old pieces of cloth instead.’

The actual article is available from the following site:

On the WRAP’s site, there is a video clip demonstrating how to wrap things up with a Furoshiki. If you are interested, please clikc here to view the clip.