‘The Never Ending Story'(1985) by Limahl

Back to my student days in mid 80s, this piece of music was used as a sound track in the film ‘The Never Ending Story’. Perhaps some of the readers of my blog may have listened to the tune somewhere before? Anyway, if you are going to click the links below, please click & listen to the first link to begin with.

As far as I am concerned, listening should be the act of deciphering the meaningful chunks in the speech you come across. I fully understand that you may want to see the script of a given speech, but as soon as you do that, then listening comprehension ceases to be ‘listening comprehension’, and the entire exercise will turn into ‘reading comprehension’, deciphering a written text while listening to the speech in question.





‘The Greatest Love’ (1986) Whitney Houseton

Please click here for the video clip from YouTube.

彼女のプロフィールです。興味ある方は、読んでみてください。出典:Simple English Wikipedia

Whitney Elizabeth Houston (born August 9, 1963) is an American pop and R&B singer. She is known for her beautiful and powerful voice. She is known for such songs as ‘I Will Always Love You’ or I wanna dance with some body and her version of ‘The Star Spangled Banner.’.She is one of the most succesful female artists of all time. Her most famous albums are The Bodyguard (The best selling sountrack album of all time)her debut album Whitney Houston (The best selling debut album of all time) and album Whitney.She is known as the Voice. whitney Houston also played in the Preacher’s Wife. These past few years Whitney Houston has had trouble with drugs. However, Whitney showed her love and devotion to singing by retraining her voice and by making a new album. Whitney’s new album comes out in November 2008!

Careless Whisper (1984)-George Michael

This is one of my favourite songs among Wham’s pieces of music. The song is basically about a man’s monologue on his regret in having had an affair with his friend, which led to a splitting-up with his partner for good. It is a very sad song, indeed.

For the background of this song, please click here (Wikipedia).

For viewing the video clip(s) of this song, please click here.

‘Nada Sôsô’ English version — Hayley Westenra

What did you make of the English version of Nada Soo Soo in today’s lecture? Please let me know. I would like to hear your reactions and opinions.

Please click here for the music which as usual is from YouTube site.

Elton John — ‘Your Song’ (1970)

On last Friday in our class, we saw a video clip of ‘Your Song’. Altough the link below is a different version (not the original video we saw last Friday!), I hope you enjoy listening to the song from ‘YouTube’.

Elton John: Your Song

Anyone interested in getting to know more about Elton John: please click here!

‘I Will Always Love You’—Whitney Houston

Very stormy night last night, wasn’t it? Couple of times I was woken up by the rolling and roaring sound of thunder nearby. Anyway, this morning’s tune may be familiar with you if you have already seen the film ‘The Bodyguard‘.

Please click here for the music.

‘You Raise Me Up’—Celticwoman




How are you spending your time on this Sunday morning? I suppose most of the students from Information Sciences are still enjyoing their long summer holiday. On a daily basis, I often devote myself to deep thinking of how to structure the fifteen lectures in the second half term. After reading the reports from the students at the Faculty of Information Sciences, I have found that the English song sessions in my lectures are well-received, and I have decided to continue the sessions in the second half term.

As for today’s piece of music by ‘Celticwoman’, ‘You Raise Me Up’ was once very poplular and is quite well-known in Japanese market. On 31 December last year, the five Irish women of Celticwoman sang in front of Toohuku-ji in Kyoto which was broadcast live on national TV in Japan. Perhpas you may remember the programme. The video clip on YouTube comes with English lyrics, and you can sing along while viewing it! Singing this song with Karaoke can be rather tough as the sound rage of this song is quite broad. Very demanding piece of music for singing on Karaoka, but it is worth a try!

For viewing their home page, click here.