NEC’s New translation technology

I was very impressed with the following news at; certainly real-time translation from Japanese into English or Chinese seems to have come true. English summary will follow sometime later today.

4月3日付の より



Office 2007 Interface

The new menu on Microsoft’s ‘Office 2007’ is really annoying as I cannot find those functions which were readily available on my ‘Office 2003’. They really should provide ‘Classic Menu’ as a option as I cannot get rid of my old habits of looking up the ‘wrong’ menu on the new version of Office. Anyone out there in the same opinion as mine?

Have a break with this ‘Space Invader Game’!

Have you ever heard of ‘Space Invader Game’? It was a very hot game to play in my high school days! The game is now available online from the following site: click here! Have fun!




The other day, out of curiosity, I accessed my blog site from my mobile phone, and found that I can read all the posts there! Apparently, even the sites originally intended to the PC viewers can be converted and displayed for the mobile phone users through the use of technology that the US company Google offers for nothing. From my ‘au’ moible phone, everything can be accessed. I would be grateful if the users of other makes of mobile phones can do the same or not.

Apple’s iPhone available in Japan from 11th July!

Great News if you have been waiting for the release of Apple’s 3G mobile phone: iPhone. From 11 July, it is going to be available in the Japanese market. Apple’s iPhone has the following three functions integrated: (1) 3G ( it reads ‘third generation’) mobile phone, (2) iPod, (3) the Internet browser. For more details, please click here!


SVG file が開けないときは?

過日アップロードした頭蓋骨は、SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics)形式の画像で保存されています。うまく閲覧できないときは、ここをクリックして Adobe社(アドビー社)のサイトから、SVG Viewer をダウンロードしてみてください。画面をずっと下にスクロールしていくと、日本語版があります。

The graphic file format of the human skeleton ‘Sally’ which I uploaded the other day is something called  ‘SVG’ (Scalable Vector Graphics), and you may need to download the SVG viewer from Adobe site in order to view the skeleton picture properly. Please download the viewer from the Adobe’s site.

Google Earth functions from your Browser (ブラウザーからGoogle Earthが利用できる!)

5月29日付のニュース!Now you can use ‘Google Earth’ from within your browser such as Iternet Explorer or Firefox. Dowolad the plug-ins from the following site: