2009年4月からそれぞれのクラス・ブログは、別のサイトに移動しました。そのため、このブログは、昨年から’Hide’s English for Life’ というタイトルで生まれ変わってスタートしています。途中、諸事情でブランクがありましたが、本日2010年3月12日から、本格的に稼働していきます。大人になって英語の勉強を再スタートされた方、学生の皆さん、急に英語が必要になった皆さんを念頭に置いて、私の英語学習経験と教授経験に基づく、コメントをいろいろ展開していきたいと思います。



24 Responses

  1.  コメントを入れろというご下命なので。でも、これって他の皆さんも閲覧可能なんでしょうか。そうだとすると、きちんと書かないといけないでしょうか。
     東京で弁護士を営んで19年目に入りますが、この間英文の契約書締結交渉やらaffidavitの作成やらもしております。英語を読んでこうした文書をチェックするという作業はできるものの、いざ、英語を話そうと思うとこれがなかなか難しいというのが率直なところです。先日も、ブラジルの要人と会いましたが、話せたのはthank you! welcomといった単語程度で、何とも寂しいものです。読んでいるときは単語が浮かぶのに話そうとすると単語が浮かばないんですね。どうしてなのでしょう。スムーズに会話ができるようになりたいと思いますが。

  2. Good morning Hide,
    Have a very busy day today, teaching three classes in a row until 4.30pm!! But managed to find time to send you this brief message!!
    Hope it gets through OK!!
    Have a good day.

  3. To: Tatsu-san & Christine-san
    Thanks for your generous and kind comments to my blogs site, which I feel still looks rough and ‘dis-organised’!! I will definitely smooth things over in the next few weeks. Keep your fingers crossed.

  4. Hello Hide
    I think this site has a lot of promise and has useful links – you will be pleased to know that I took the Oxford English test and passed! It is also English and not American, which is good news. I hope all your students benefit from your hard work. Best wishes from SW France.

  5. Hello, Andrew!
    Nice hearing your comment from the south of France! Thank you for stopping at my tentative blog site. Perhaps, the Oxford English test was too easy for you! Yes, I just hope all my students understand what I am trying to get at through the use of this blog site. I strongly believe that knowing English opens all sorts of doors for my students in their future career.
    Take care!

  6. Hi!hide!
    I am first grade student. Nice to meet you!!

  7. OK, Shinya-san! It is very nice to have met you today! I do hope you will enjoy my class and improve your English skills!

  8. Hellow.
    I’m a freshman in Hiroshima city university and dormitory student.
    I’m very tired today.
    Let’s meet next class.

  9. Hello, Hikaru-san
    Thanks for your nice e-mai! See you on Friday.

  10. Hello. Nice to meet you.
    I’ m not at English, but I try hard to study English.
    See you tomorrow.

  11. Hi,Hide.
    I’m from Onomichi.
    I think that university life is very busy. However,I’m looking forward to studying English tomorrow.
    See you

  12. Hello.
    I’ve entered Hirosima City University this month.
    Nice to meet you.
    I’m not good at English , but I will do my best.
    See you next class.

  13. Hello, Mako-san & Takayuki-san!!
    It was very nice to hear from you two!

    I know that writing in English is not that easy because it is not your first language. But, trying to make an effort to say something in English is the most important thing in my classes!

    So, turn up in time for your first lecture on Friday morning tomorrow!


  14. Good evening, Tomohiro-san

    OK. Don’t worry too much about how good your English is! If you have something to say, that is a start.

    What is a point of becoming fluent in English if you do not have very much to say? So, relax and turn up in time for tomorrow’s lecture!!


  15. Good evening,hide.
    I adapt to life in university.I am not good at English ,but interested in English.
    Do my best!!!
    See you tomerrow!

  16. Good morning!!
    And nice to meet you.
    I hope to see more of you.
    I’m looking forward to today class.
    See you.

  17. Hello, Junpei-san
    I went to bed quite early last night, and did not see your e-mail. I am writing this reply this morning! See you in the class.


  18. Hello, Shinya-san

    Thank you for your first post! I am please to know that you have got used to univeristy life! Yes, do your best in my class as it is a great opportunity to speak in English with your class mates.


  19. Hi,hide.

    I am very sorry to late comment. I forgot!
    I often foget many things. I am careful from now on.

    I entered Hiroshima City University from this year.
    Nice to meet you!

    I’m weak English but I want to speak English very well.
    So I will study hard.

    See you tomorrow.

  20. Good morning, Hiroki-san
    Thanks for your e-mail. Well, done! Don’t worry about how good your English is. That is not very important. As long as you want to say something in English, that is all you need to keep yourself going.


  21. Hi, Hide.
    How are you getting on?
    Well, I can’t send a mail of your blog site at my home. But I can send it at school. I don’t know why. So, I always send it at school. Let’s talk about it on the next class.
    See you.

  22. Hello, Mako-san

    Very strange that you cannot send an e-mail from your home computer!! Anyway, I am pleased to know that you can at least send e-mails from school. Yes, come to talk to me in the class!




    I had a bad cold again so I’m very dull.
    I believe that Tomorrow’s class is very fun.

    See you tomorrow.

  24. Hello, Takamichi-san
    I am sorry to hear that you have had cold again! I just hope you can come to my class tomorrow.

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