Hide’s Class blog has moved to a different site!

From April 2009, I have decided to set up different class blog sites for those classes I teach so that it will be much easier for me to maintain the blog sites. This does not necessarily mean that this blog is going to be closed.

As of today, this site is going to be called  ‘Hide’s English for Life Blog’ where I still continue introducing any useful English expressions, quoting interesting news articles mainly from the English-speaking countries, giving my thoughts on how to acquire English as a foreign language, and tips for studying English vocabulary & grammar.

Because of the above changes taking place, some of the categories that had been used have to go as of today. Hope some of the fainthful readers of this blog would be patient enought to stay with me for many years to come. Another change is that probably I would be writing some of th posts entirely in Japanese as this is much quicker for me to write about something related to Japanese culture.


NEC’s New translation technology

I was very impressed with the following news at Asahi.com; certainly real-time translation from Japanese into English or Chinese seems to have come true. English summary will follow sometime later today.

4月3日付のAsahi.com より


April Fools news from BBC!

’10 stories that could be April Fools… but aren’t ‘ という見出しで、April Fools の日にBBCで発表された うそのようで本当な話をどうぞ!なお、サイト上にある「ペンギンの動画」は、ジョークです。

The following news from the BBC online News are ‘real’ stories. Click here for the articles.