‘Emotional Connection’

The other day when I was watching BBC World News, this phrase came up and remained in my mind. I do not know why the phrase in question caught my attention, but things of this kind sometimes happen to me when listening to English news.

As far as I remember, the newsreader on the programme was talking something about the inauguration of Obama, and the reader went on to say that one of the reasons why President Obama  has been successful in building up the supports from the voters  in America is that his extensive use of the Internet for his presidential campaign. Through his extensive use of the Internet, Mr Obama quickly and effectively bulit up ‘emotional connection‘ with the ordinary American people, especially with younger generations.

According to Kelly Morris, ‘emotional connection‘ is explained in the following manner:

‘It’s being able to relate to a person on an emotional level- being able to share your feelings with them, being open and vulnerable, and trusting that person not to hurt you emotionally. The connection has to work both ways. It’s not a true connection if you share your feelings but the other person holds everything back.’

Source: http://www.helium.com/items/383732-what-is-an-emotional-connection


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