情報1年(Critical Thinking グループがYahoo Group へ移行しました!)

先日、Blogger の方に新しいページを開設したので、そちらへアクセスして頂くようお願いしていましたが、皆さんにBloggerの会員になっていただく必要があるので、このブログでの意見のやり取りを廃止することにしました。新たに、Yahoo Group の方に閲覧サイトを開設しましたので、そちらへアクセスして登録してみてください。なお、既に私宛にPCのメールアドレスを送付してくださった学生さんは、既に会員登録を済ませ、Yahoo Group の案内メールを出しています。一度アクセスしてみてください。必要に応じて、メンバーの名前をニックネームへ変更してください。まだ手続きを済ませていない受講生の方は、以下までアクセスして登録手続きをしてみてください。ご多忙でしょうが、宜しくお願いします。



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Mostly Frequently-made Spelling Mistakes by Space ALC’s online dictionery users

The following is from the space ALC where most frequently-made spelling mistakes are listed. I will just show you the top ten because of the copy right issues. If you are keen to know the rest, please visit their site.

  1. appreciate
  2. accommodate
  3. accommodation
  4. available
  5. dimension
  6. definitely
  7. configuration
  8. confirm
  9. describe
  10. appropriate


This notice is to the first year students of the Departiment of Information Sciences. Please note that the lecture time for tomorrow is going to be reduced because of the time allocated to a survey conducted by Miss Muneishi who is a student from the Department of International Studies. She is in her final year and is looking for male students to be interviewed through a survey.

She is coming to our class around 10:10 and the actual survey would start at 10:15. I hope you do not mind helping her research project.

So tomorrow, we finish our lesson at 10:10, which means the time available for the lecture is about 70 minutes. Please remember this, and don’t be surprised when you see Miss Muneishi coming into the class!

See you tomorrow.

英語の表現(14)-’Make someone’s blood boil’


‘Oh, he really makes my blood boil!’

表現は初耳でしたが、文脈からいつも温厚な彼でも「激怒」するほど、頭に来たんだなと感じました。BNC(British National Corpus)のDVD版には、いくか例文が載っていますが、その中の1つを例文として追加しておきます。

ちょっとの間顔を見ていなかった友達に会ったときには、’Have you recently come across any news that made your blood boil?’などと質問すると、話が盛り上がるかもしれませんね。

‘The Greatest Love’ (1986) Whitney Houseton

Please click here for the video clip from YouTube.

彼女のプロフィールです。興味ある方は、読んでみてください。出典:Simple English Wikipedia

Whitney Elizabeth Houston (born August 9, 1963) is an American pop and R&B singer. She is known for her beautiful and powerful voice. She is known for such songs as ‘I Will Always Love You’ or I wanna dance with some body and her version of ‘The Star Spangled Banner.’.She is one of the most succesful female artists of all time. Her most famous albums are The Bodyguard (The best selling sountrack album of all time)her debut album Whitney Houston (The best selling debut album of all time) and album Whitney.She is known as the Voice. whitney Houston also played in the Preacher’s Wife. These past few years Whitney Houston has had trouble with drugs. However, Whitney showed her love and devotion to singing by retraining her voice and by making a new album. Whitney’s new album comes out in November 2008!