The Gruffalo(英語の絵本)

過去、市内の短大でテキストとして使用していたことがあった絵本です。英語圏の4歳から8歳までの子供向けの本ですが、多読の入門書の1冊としても十分楽しめます。夏休みに多読に挑戦してみようと考えている人、本屋で注文してみるとよいでしょう。本の詳細は、amazon のサイトを参照してください。

In the past, I often used this book as a textbook at a certain junior college in Hiroshima. The book is aimed at readers from four to eight years old, and I certainly recommend this book as one of the Extensive Reading books (‘ER’ hereafter) during your summer holiday. If you are going to take up ER this summer, then this book may well be an ideal book to start with. Why don’t you order it today on-line! The detail of the book is available from Amazon Japan. Click here!

PS-I have always felt that ‘The Grufallo’ is a very funny story which can be enjoyed by the entire faimly, but at the same time very witty (I must say that the little mouse in question is really clever!), and there is an element of a surprise (well, towards the end of the episode, the mouse actually….). I shall not tell the ‘surprising’ bit because I do not want to spoil your excitement!


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