Premature baby weighing only 599g with Spina Bifida operated successfully!

「早産599グラムの女児、難病「二分脊椎」の手術成功」(Yomiuri Shinbun 17th May 2008

A medical team led by Professor ‘OOI, Shizuo’ (大井静雄教授) at Jikei University School of Medicine (JUSM) in Japan has announced today the successful operation on a premature baby (weighing only 599 grams) with spina bifida. The actual surgical procedure was conducted 19 December 2007 on the second day after the baby’s premature birth.

The baby in question was discharged from the Medical Centre for Maternal and Child Health at JUSM on 16 May 2008.

Operating on a premature baby suffering from spina bifida itself is not a new technique, but so far no similar operations has been conducted on a premature baby whose weight is as little as 599 grams. 


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  1. This just goes to show that it does not matter what the odds are against a child at birth, what matters is what lengths people go to, to give that baby the best chance they can.

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