YMO – Rydeen (80’s Techno Pop)

Do you know the artist called YMO? Perhaps not. Don’t worry. There are three members in YMO, namely HOSONO Haruomi(細野晴臣), SAKAMOTO Ryooichi(坂本龍一), TAKAHASHI Yukihiro(高橋幸宏). Just listen to the following piece of music: Rydeen.

The video clip looks interesting enough to me. What do you think?  As far as Japanese techno pop is concerned, YMO is a legend!

Go to: YMO’s official homepage.


Good News for the liver transplant!


research team led by Dr Oodan from Hiroshima University has developed a new post-transplant treatment for the liver cancer patient who has gone through a liver transplant. The new treatment works by injecting the patient one particular type of lymph cells extracted from the liver of the original donor. It is said to be quite effective in preventing the recurrence of liver cancer in the patient. The treatment is also effective with the patient who has hepatitis C.  

Decoding Kyoto (京都解読!)

Great project from Ritsumeikan-daigaku called ‘Decoding Kyoto’, which has been started with the following concept in mind: to get rid of the Japanese language barriers for the visitors to Kyoto from overseas so that they can get the first-hand street information of Kyoto.’ Good thinking, I thought. Perhaps, some university in Hiroshima could start the similar project?! However, the project should be led by the students involved with the project, NOT the teachers or lecturers looking after them! Otherwise, there is probably no point in endorsing (=promoting) such project.

Click the following for Decoding Kyoto project site: Kiyamachi Walker.