Hello to all my first year students at 看護1年!

happy 1yrIt was very nice to have met and interacted with you all in our first lecture today. I am really pleased to have met you all today.

Please remember the following: in our English-mode class, try to be open, positive, cooperative, and inquisitive. Don’t be afraid of asking questions during the class. I always welcome any kind of questions. Just raise your hand!

If I get lots of questions, it is a good sign because I can see what kind of difficulties you are having, and give you some help.

Remember this too: if you cannot understand something in the class, don’t think that it is always your fault! Often or sometimes, it can be my fault. Perhaps, I am not explaining things in the right way or properly.

So while you are in my class, forget about ‘Japanese classroom culture’ where traditionally students just sit and listen to what the teacher says. I would like to make my class ‘two-way street’ where we can interact in a dynamic manner!!

I strongly believe that it is only through experiences that you can learn something in a true sense. The more you get yourself involved with my class, the more you can learn English or English culture. I know I cannot teach you everything, but I CAN teach you how to study English! Even after you complete my course in the first year, I hope you will keep on studying English by yourself. If you need some help, just drop me a line by e-mail. I will see what I can do for you.

From the next class, I expect you to work very hard during the class. This is because you often have to work in pairs or work with other students as a group. I am looking forward to seeing you all next week!


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