Do you want to download ‘YouTube’ video?

You can download Youtube videos with this piece of software: ダウンロードはここ


2 Responses

  1. HELLO!
    I am Department of information science.
    But I cannot understand Computer.
    I want to use it very much.

  2. Good evening, Takamichi-san

    I see what you mean. Which aspect of computing are you interested in? Are you interested in software side or hardware side of a PC?

    Before I started my blog this April, I did not know anything about setting up a blog site. So I looked for a free blog service provider like ‘Wordpres.Com’.

    Once I registered with them, I read lots of explanations (they are all written in English, of course) on their site to teach myself how to make my blog easier to view for my students!!

    It has taken me about two weeks to turn my blog site into what you can see now (as of 24 April 2008). Still there is a long way to go to make my site exactly what I want it to be.

    See you tomorrow!


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